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Shower Enclosures and Glass

Last week ZEROREZ® cleaned the carpet in my dining and living rooms as well as the master bedroom. You are to be complimented on a very fine job. Your technician was courteous, on time and efficient and I just wanted to let you know that.
St. Louis, Missouri

Glass is a very porous surface. Glass holds grease and oils that attract airborne and surface dirt, grime, bacteria and germs. Traditional glass cleaning products spread the surface dirt and grime without ‘degreasing” the glass surface.

Traditional cleaners do not kill the bacteria held in the glass pores. Further, traditional glass and cleaning products can be hazardous to your health and fail to provide the needed protective barrier against germs and bacteria.

The ZEROREZ® multi-process uses a combination of proprietary cleaning products including our nano-technology sealer, which fills pores and permanently creates a more healthy and easier to clean surface.

Using the ZEROREZ® glass cleaning system: